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1: Appsvalle Digital – We provide responsive digital services offers domains and hosting services; web development services
Internet Marketing Services; including Social Media Marketing. We also provide Content Development. We tell the story of your brand  in the most compelling way. You have an idea for your business but don’t know how to write it?  We do it for you in  masterful and compelling manner.  Talk to us for an editorial schedule to keep your brand ahead of the pack.  We have an enviable collection of top notch domains. Sometimes we sell them, sometimes we give them out for free(but conditions and terms apply. at

2: Apps Valle Publishing
We publish books for the African market in English and Swahili.   We give a vehicle and a road to ideas of new age, be it memoirs, fiction, educational and entertainment books.    To us the written word, is one of the most beautiful inventions of mankind that means the world to us.

3: Apps Valle Academy-
Provides programmes that  champions learning that brings out the talents and strengths of pupils and students   for effective preparations for their future.   This helps them to empower students to realise their full potential.

4: Apps Valle Training
The world is a brutal place when we come to real life in quest of making legal money.   Education and skills comes hardy, but more than that is needed.  That is where Apps Valle Training  comes in. We  focus on  hands on practical training using technology to bring out the best in those who have faith, that they came to this world to bring long lasting positive marks, for the good of humanity. Our programmes are costly, but worth it.

5: Apps Valle Coffee   –   World class coffee centres, where young people can have coffee or tea and start off their office life or businesses.

6:Apps Valle Music – Music is life. We sign in  a few but very great  talents
7: Apps Valle Consulting – Consultancy and Development services
8: – Based in Nakuru, Kenya, we give an opportunity to members of the community to watch youtube videos relevant to them, while at the same time, they can showcase their acting and music talents.
9: Apps Valle Sport –  A modern playfield and accommodation services to be built in Nyahururu, Kenya
10: Apps Valle Events – We organize holistic events across East Africa.
11:  Apps Valle Market – We are putting up a market place in Nakuru Kenya,
12:  Appsvalle Cosmetics – We love beauty, so we deal with cosmetics on a wholesale basis only.
13:  AppsValle Manufacturing  –  Foods and beverages
14: Apps Valle Shares– We buys shares of leading companies across East Africa. Our strategy is the long haul. We also once in a while buy and sell land.   Anyone who needs to dispose of shares of listed companies in Kenya quickly, we are always interested.
 15: Apps Valle Media-  we own and run a number of news and features websites.  Our focus is to  inform, educate and entertain.  At the same time we write, direct and produce documentaries, films and videos.  We aim to open up radio and TV stations across africa  sometimes in the future.